At ACT, we take the adaptive part of our name very seriously.  The course listing, current and future, is only the beginning of what we offer.  Our modular training system allows our staff and you, the student, to custom tailor an hour, a day or a long weekend of training to suit your needs and desires.  For example, you or your group have discovered a need for basic firearms safety for new members, first aid for club officers and competition coaching for the entire club.  ACT can design a training day to accommodate your needs saving you time, money and bringing you the training you desire.  Private or very small group classes? A training solution is available from ACT.  Limited time, busy schedule?  Our courses are designed for modularity allowing us to present the training in one and two hour blocks.  If you want or need training, but can’t figure out the schedule or the specific class, contact ACT and we’ll work with you to develop a custom training solution.  By design, the NRA certified courses must be presented in their entirety.