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CP 101 Photos

Coach explaining aiming point on metric target.

Coach points out scoring rings (highlighted for clarity).

Coach and Joe demonstrate grip

Tom and Matt shooting drills

Burl, Dan, Frank and Matt observe the drills

Joe (Rhino) on the range

Class observes demo.  yes it was cold.

Class photo.  Aron (coach), Frank, Chris, Burl, Matt, Dan, Tom and John

Friends of ACT (links)

Indiana Gun Owners Forums

This forums site for gun owners in Indiana.  But I must say that it’s not just for Hoosiers.  There is even a member from South Africa.  Check out Mike’s site and sign up for free.

Dave is doing a bang up job of keeping track of the local competition scene.  Visit and find out what you are doing this weekend!  Follow the link to Shooterbasix for great deals on gun stuff and great knives.  Dave is a good friend of ACT and his site is top notch.

Wabash Valley Practical Pistol Shooters

Riley Conservation Club