Welcome to Adaptive Consulting & Training.  We offer training in firearms, emergency medical, survival and emergency preparedness.  Our courses are open to all upstanding citizens.

Based in central Indiana, ACT operates from our home range near Terre Haute, IN and various venues throughout the Midwest.  The Riley Conservation Club hosts our Competition Pistol Classes and Defensive Pistol Classes.  Nearby Terre Haute has several hotels and eateries and camping is available a short drive away. ACT also has  satellite facilities near Roachdale, IN, home base for our survival and emergency preparedness classes.

We will also travel to your facility.  For the firearms classes, if you have a safe berm to shoot into and a place to sit and discuss the lecture topics, we’ll bring the class to you.  We can also bring any of the medical classes and preparedness classes to nearly any room that will accommodate the class size.

Adaptive Consulting & Training is committed to the adaptive part of our name.  Our courses are available as whole classes or ala carte for groups, families, clubs or individuals.  From two hour private lessons to multiday classes for twelve or more, the training you desire is what is available from ACT.

“The people shall have a right to bear arms, for the defense of themselves and the State.”
Article 1 – Bill of Rights – Section 32

For more information, watch for future posts or email: info@adaptiveconsultingandtraining.com